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I don’t think it’s possible to research colonics thoroughly, because like many expensive alternative healthcare treatments that espouse amazing benefits, they haven’t been studied in much detail, and you’re left trying to weigh up anecdotes. 

I came close to getting one at one point. The only legitimate research I could find was about the proven dangers, but it was a complete lack of guarantee that the integrity of the gut flora would be maintained that put me off in the end. 

Probiotics can’t replace whatever the water washes away. Apparently a “backup” is kept in the appendix that repopulates the bowels after diarrhoea, but how is it affected by 45-minutes of rinsing? Are you going to rely on a colonic hydrotherapist with no understanding of even basic microbiology when your gut health is on the line? 

No 20-year-old faeces have ever been witnessed by colon surgeons, and few, if any, of their claims seem to have any backing whatsoever. I was under the impression that these practitioners, as well as chiropractors and other CAM specialists, were legitimate. They’re all over town with fancy clinics and years of education, but I didn’t realise it’s all a load of pseudoscience that really means nothing without any evidence. You might as well see a Scientologist for health advice for all the crazy stuff they believe in.