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I know how you feel. Im 11 months into the diet . On stage 3 of the plan i bought some carob powder and made cakes using gluten free flour, stevia and eggs, its a treat now but remember you are just starting out. when you get these cravings just remember its the candida screaming for food. if you give in you feed it and never get well. Its hard to do but honestly after a while the craving decrease and you find ways to treat yourself with foods that are good for you.
when i started out i was bed bound, i thought i would die. my lovely man made me a batch of vegetable soup and thats all i ate for 2 weeks. I felt myself slowly get stronger.
just remember good food is medicene, it will get you well, its not forever, any cheating and you will get sicker each time because you give the candida a feast. hold on in there and be strong and just rememeber its not forever. I have now realised that for me i will never go back to old eating habits. its so not worth it.