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Selenium is also a critical component co-factor to iodine supplementation which is another critical mineral; particularly for the thyroid which is major regulator of the immune system. As the candida gradually grinds down the immune system, almost all candida sufferers also have some degree of adrenal fatigue which rely heavily on the thyroids: this can even cause hypothyroidism.

Thus the forum protocol has items like Kelp built into it for iodine supplementation without the side effects of iodine. However, being iodine deficient isn’t good for healing either. Choices as one winds their way through their personal healing journey from CRC.

IMHO – most of us have vit mins deficiencies: goes hand and hand with CRC.


(this reminds me, since I have been supplementing with iodine….the antibiotic properties and how it may effect good bacteria)