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Hello Missiello,

It sounds like the diet plan your naturopath has put you on is an OK basic one that is similar to the mcomb’s plan, however I would consider this for later in your treatment when your body is more able to cope with natural sugars, starches, etc.

The diet most of the people on the forum use is rather strict and breaks down the possibilities of your diet to only beneficial food items. So basically it will allow you to heal faster and heal the gut.

You may want to consider an anti-inflammatory diet that has more items such as broccoli, salmon, blueberries, etc…this will allow the stress on your gut to reduce while it can heal.

If I were to eat only one fruit on the diet, I would choose blueberries because they are low in sugar, molds, and are anti-inflammatory.

The key to your success in the long term is a good probiotic that has a high number of strains and high billion count. Greek yogurt and kefir are other good sources of probiotics. It’ll take as long as 6-18 months to fully recover from candida overgrowth and I’ve personally been on the diet for a year and am pretty much symptom free.

There are a lot of supplements that will help you along, and I know of some really good ones that will help you heal faster if you are interested. SF722 undecenoic acid, HMF neuro, fermented cod liver oil, and miracle fiber are the foundations of my success.

If your naturopath does acupuncture, I would continue to do this as much as possible as it will aid in your recovery.

Hope this helps!