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Hi Patti!

Your regimen looks OK to me from everything I read here on the forum. I am not that savvy with candida treatment (only third month of treatment with quite some mistakes) I just spend a lot of time reading the forum’s posts and pass on anything that I can to others. I will let our candida guru’s comment on that part.

I must agree with mariegirl on kefir. It’s the easiest thing to do and gives you so many benefits over the store bought. First, in a store bought kefir there might be more sugar even though you could find a low sugar brand. You don’t really know if it was fermented right and for long enough. Also, logically thinking, they would have to stop the fermenting process so that bottle would not explode so I’m kind of questioning how much probiotic is really there. I’ve even read posts where people explain that they stop the fermenting (which means kill the good stuff in it) and then add few probiotics manually. In that case, you are better off juts popping a pill. Home made kefir doesn’t have that many probiotic count wise, but it has over 40 strains which is beneficial. If you drink it daily and eat the food which is prebiotic (like the diet we here follow) those will flourish and heal your colon. Kefir is called “elixir of life” where I live, I’m pretty sure there is a reason for it.

OMG I just realized that I praise kefir so much, you’d think I am selling the stuff hahahahaha. I realize that but I truly believe how much benefits it has and know how easy it is to make it every day. I am a single mom of twin girls (soon to be 3 years old) and work full time. Trust me, I know how little time you have. I was not cooking for myself (probably this is why I am where I am now) since getting kids thinking I don’t have the time, but I sure find it now, not only one cooked meal a day but three!

So back to kefir 🙂 My advice is to search and read some posts about making kefir, descriptions on how it is supposed to taste (store bought is way different than homemade) and other useful advice. You will get the feeling of what it entails. It’s quite simple, really. Make the amount that you plan to drink and at a time of day you plan to drink it. Since my kids drink kefir, it became kind of a tradition for us to have it at dinner time. They like to chase their food with it, I just have it after my meal to top off all the pills I am taking 🙂 Make a small batch first, like a teaspoon of grains and a cup of milk and then slowly as the grains grow and you feel that you can drink more, you may increase the amount. If you want to stick to the same amount and grains grow to much, first save some in a little milk and freeze so you have a backup if these go bad for any reason. Be careful about raising amount of kefir as some people got a die-off reaction triggered by it (me included, I doubled it without thinking and had almost a liter a day). It’s a new probiotic for your body so give youreself time to get used to it. I’ve been drinking it most of my life, but had a long break and since I started drinking it when I started the treatment. At the begging I would get dizzy after drinking kefir. Dizziness was my main symptom so it was worse at the beginning of treatment (die-off related probably). You’ve experienced die-off when starting probiotic and SF722 so you should expect the same from kefir as well.

I think making home made yoghurt is way too much work (you have to have the right temp of the milk and so and so) so if you can find and handle Organic Plain Greek yoghurt, I would go for store bought in this case.

Good luck and hope one of the guru’s chime in soon 🙂