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I think most people with our condition have problems with red pepper, at least early on. I even have problems with black pepper and green peppers. I don’t think they feed the candida though, except for maybe the red pepper. If you even think you had a reaction it’s probably best to just not have it. That’s what I do. You could treat it as a test food if you wanted to though, there’s a post on here or in the strict diet that says how to test new foods. Instead of bites you can do a dash of the seasoning. I just tried curry powder last night and cumin today and had a reaction to both, so I’m steering clear of them for a while. It’s tough to tell when you’re having a reaction, but generally none of the foods on the strict diet will feed your candida (besides the unavoidable small amounts of sugar etc) and foods off the strict diet list will. Foods on the list that you have reactions to are an allergic reaction due to leaky gut (raster told me this). It’s a pain in the ass. My diet is even stricter than the strict diet because I try to avoid allergic reactions because they’re confusing as hell. Hope I know what I’m talking about and that some of this helps.