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hi,imposible thank u so much,jorge look buddy this is story i took antibiotics for hp and nearly died ,u got to believe me ,i lost 35 lbs in five weeks,however i then got a uti like cititis ,i went all over for a cure ,my uro even did a scope and found a little tumour in my bladder ,they want to lazer it,i am afraid of docs men i read from a site that guy name george cure his ut by this combination ,i want to try this buddy ,sometime i have no pain then i felt tingling at the tip ,then at the back of my penis ,then the pain sometime go between my testacles and anus,i have two little baby girls men,if for god sake and my kids sake can u please advise me to ,i found a doctor who can give me the drugs men ,but i want to know wat u take if fluconazone or itraconazole with lamasil,my doctors think its in my head and some thinks time is the healer but i feel i have something there men and i am willing to try ,all i know when i open my urethrea i saw like a line with a growth and very red ,sometime no pain then heavy pain ,and the pain moves men,one time at the tip,then it will move to the back of my penis the it will move between my anus and testacles ,my uro thinks its nerves related ,i was really stress out when everything happen to me ,i am a young guy and have no idea about this candida thing,i am thing to hang my my self because there is no more enjoyment in life now men,look i now turn to god and u (jorge) and anybody who can help me .Also i pee normal no discharge noting of this sort ,it killing me slowing,look i begg u buddy please just advise me or pray for me.thank u.Remember u r saving to little babies here.thank u and god bless.
This is what cured my UT/prostatitis fungal infection.
Itraconazole 200mg plus Terbinafine 250 mg (one a day for 3 months)

I took the combination after researching its synergistic effect
against resistant yeast strains and looking for better tissue
penetration with Itraconazole. I discussed it with a yeast expert
before to follow the treatment.
Thanks god, it cleared my UT.