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listen Jorge i promise u men if i am cure with this combination flconazole 200mg + lamasil 250 ,i will find u in fl somewhere with a big gift,if i die its my choice ,but through god and u i manage to contact this lady,now what this lady is saying really make describe me,look she told my doctor to give me until i feel better,she even mention some chronic somthing candiddiasis ,she told me who precribe nystatin for me is crazy because that only work in the intestine,i dont need that,i need itraconazole and lamasil ,look u might be think i am crazy but i am not ,while i was taking antibiotics for hp i got notice my pinis start to peel, i got cytitis,heavy antibitics again ,14 days more ,when to a different uro look at my redness ,said normal it will go away in time ,i wait months for it to go away ,then it start to go to the back of my penis now then i was notice by a different uro and he give me 14 days more doxi,i took it cause i want to get better ,i notice a redness growth in my urethrea coming out ,i never had this before men ,the all think i am crazy so the said its anxity ,i took it and went to a psyco doc ,but we know our bodies ,i give it a try just to satisfy my wife ,i too atrarax,trazadone ,cymbalta,klonopin ,amitripyline etc,but this is my story,how i suffer shorness of breath for months man,neusea for 5 months ,heart burn for two months then this man,i still tank god i can lie down in peace man,u know wat cause me that is was hpylori ,no doctor is the us want to belive this,i am in forums now advising people ,man am a immigrant but a human too,i get get these pill over the counter in my country ,any pill man .Look when this lady ask my doctor about the same term u use in other website ,is the the thing she told me i have and only scraping can detect it with a demototalist,baciacailly the same thing that u advise people ,she make my doctor precribe a cream clotrimazole cream ,however she ask my doctor to check my liver every 2 weeks cause i went all over new york city till i met u on a site,i know fungal is hard to cure but will u encourge me that i will get good i want to for the sake of my babies men,my wife even said people fool people here,i am stupid ,but u i know that redness on our penis ,grown like ,in the opening of the urertha is not normal,look for some reason i am convince that what i got is some kind of yeast,pray for me men ,hey i am not stupid ,this pain is noting wat i when through with that hp stuff.thank u and god bless ,anyone watching this forum take advise for george ,i had to pay u dont have to .thank god for that,he is a candida expert.