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sdeopaul;43128 wrote: hi jorge please,ican pay u men look i am two little babies i have live for ,i am a 35 years old male ,young guy ,i am dying showly ,i need your advise men,its been hel for me ,i was treated for hp with antibiotics ,it nearly kill me ,i lost 35 lbs in five weeks,however i got what u call a u uti,cystitis ,no doctors cant cure me ,first i try fluconazole ,13 tablets,then i when back to a urologist and got more antibiatics for 14 more days,nothing help,however i am having burning in by penis,and its killing me their is a red rash and a little hole their,its been killing me ,this pain sometime gone ,then its the tip tingling,then burning,then the pain will move to the back of my penis ,then it will go between the testacle and anus ,it dont pain all at once its move around ,hey i am begging ,i have two little babies to live for ,i dont care about my sex life anymore ,i want to live for my babies,i want to educate them,look if you can advise me i will pay u ,this is my phone number 919-204-6952.U r helping me and 2 little babies.its been a nitghtmare for me .i am on fluconazole 200 and lamisil 250 two tablet combination after i disscuss it with a dor name crandell in california but look men i dont trust doctors , i turn to god and u men.what else i can do.thank u

Sdeopaul, I know you’re posting this information for Jorge, but it seems he doesn’t visit the forum very often at this time. Maybe your luck will change and he’ll visit the forum today.

Cystitis is of course one of the many symptoms of a Candida overgrowth so treating the Candida is usually one way to lessen the effects of cystitis. What are you doing at this point as far as treating your infestation? Your diet, type and amount of probiotics, etc.