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zatoronto;52281 wrote: for the past few days I have been doing sea salt enemas, using cold ozone water, and I have been also drinking fiber supplements. This is really helping me to get rid of all the stuck stool inside and I am noticing that I have tons of white candida stuck to my stool, however, today I am noticing that a lot of the Candida actually has blood on it. Looks like that Candida has actually drilled in to my intestine walls, I am really worried about this, what should I do? I am following the Candida diet to the best of my ability, I am also taking Align probiotics and digestive enzymes and plus anti candida medicine called Candida Sap

In The Yeast Syndrome, Dr. Trowbridge explains that if C. Albicans is not getting enough nutrients from the GI tract, it will grow hyphae and drill into your tissues to look for food. He goes on to say that this is the plausible explanation for why so many of us develop food sensitivities once we start a candida diet. It probably happens to all of us to some degree, and is just part of the joy of having Candida overgrowth. That said, the blood isn’t necessarily from the hyphae. As Raster said, it could be from a hemorrhoid.