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SBK;54833 wrote:

I have had for a few years what it itchy bumps at my folicals and serious dandruff (beyond normal). Doctors and dermatologist call it psoriais and treated for months, months of antibiotics. It only flares it up. Two weeks into the candida cleanse… amazing body changes, better stomach issues… but the scalp is not seeming to improve. Will this take more time … how long? Just wanna talk to someone with the same issues. Thanks

I have had very serious ichty/dry skin, Seborrhoeic dermatitis, and Dandruff.

I have reduced these symptoms by 90% by the three below items->

-Fish oil (Omega3)(I use Nordic Naturals Fish Oil + Vitamin D)
-Shower filter –
-Bar Soap by “Candida Freedom” –

Thank you!! Will get these! So happy about the shower filter- didnt think of that! Do you use the bar soap as shampoo?

Yes, I use the bar soap as shampoo.

I shave my head often and keep my hair short most of the time so its not really a problem for me.
However, I’m sure its fine for those with longer hair.