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Able900 wrote: Read the ingredients, they should read “sauerkraut and salt.” It’s better to find a type that contains no preservatives, but these may be difficult to find depending on your location.

Even though sauerkraut is very beneficial to the flora in your system, a lot of people still receive a reaction from sauerkraut, so if you should do so, discontinue use for at least two to four weeks, then if you choose to you could try it again. Remember to start with only a few bites until you know you’re not receiving reactions from it.


Hi Able,
one thing still confuses me a great deal with several post like this. As I understood is sauerkraut on our Allowed Food list, it should not feeding the candida right? Or am I wrong? If one then has a reaction is that reaction not a die-off reaction and should be happening? I have problems with garlic. I get very strong reactions from it. Is it now a good sign being a strong anti-fungal reaction and I should continue with it or is it a reaction of candida feeding, or is it an allergic reaction do to my leaky gut and I should stop eating it to give the leaky gut a time to heal. Its the same with Kefir or coconut bread for me. I get reactions. Now if I would stop everything which gives me reactions I cant eat or take anything. I tested even that but I too get reactions while fasting. I guess that’s too a die-off reaction.

What confuses me is not the single case but the general situation. Lets say someone experienced that the skin is reacting. Then suddenly there is much advice here on the forum how to avoid reactions. But that is confusing as it is impossible to avoid reaction. Or am I missing here something in my understanding?

A reaction can well be a good sign too, that of a Hexenheimers reaction, or am I mistaken? In one way it is impossible to avoid reactions because of the Hexenheimers and the die-off toxins the body has to deal with.

I thought that if I stick with the diet I can be sure I don’t feed the candida and that means that all reactions are good reactions and need only from me to be managed. That would mean in the case of the sauerkraut that a reaction is a good reaction but if the going gets too tuff I take a break. But sauerkraut is never feeding candida or otherwise negative in our diet? With the kefir I think that its good for my guts and the reactions I accept because its a reaction of the candida fighting it out with the good bacteria.

One can have too stomach reactions to the probiotics but we would not stop them either.

I want to have it clear ones for all for me now, so please bare with me a moment.

For two days now I feel great. I have the new probiotic in place and I use SF722.
No reactions???? What!?? Does that mean my new SF722 is not doing its job killing candida. Or is not having any reactions a good sign???

But I am fairly sure that if I eat again onions or garlic I have pain all over my muscles, my anus explodes with a rash, I will get a heavy brain fog, my eyes will itch, heart palpitations etc. Is that because the Garlic works better than the SF722?

Do you see how confusen arises when we talk about how to be reaction free and at the same time talking about die-off and candida reactions.

Could you clarify that for me??