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sammcl wrote: As you may of seen me mention on here the last couple of days, my stomach is still looking very ugly, but then I didn’t actually realise I had only been doing the diet properly for 5 weeks so I guess I need to keep going.

I’m also going to remove SF722 for a couple of days as I think I may of had a horrible reaction to it. I was pretty much bed-bound for Thursday and Friday and the only new thing I introduced was SF722.

Another interesting point I researched, for any of you who still go to the gym (like me), you should up your L-Glutamine intake. Muscles that need repairing pull the extra L-Glut into them. I’ve actually started supplementing with pure powder L-Glutamine as extra.


the glutamine tabs are a very expensive way of taking it. Glutamine sold here pretty much all comes from the same place, you may as well buy bulk at someone like ironscience or myprotein.

i’ve tested up to 80g per day in the past, but I think 20-40g is the most you really need. Despite what the brands tell you, its not hugely beneficial for building muscle, but is very good for the stomach tissue.

Take it with your postworkout nutrition & l-glycine can help as well (but a word of warning, it can upset the stomach, so go easy on it if you choose to use it)