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One reads so much on the subject, and one thinks many times they are doing the right thing. I’ve read the posts on the right and wrong foods and just questioned why carbs seemed to be the main reason for not eating grain products.

To do the diet is one thing, as people just have to read what to eat or not to eat, but if your a vegan like me, people on the forum say, well good luck. I’m a vegan, because I don’t believe in hurting animals, when you can easily live a healthier life without killing. Vegans kill life where water is the only innate ingredient, meaning plant life. Our biggest problem is sugar, as once your used to vegan diet, and used to bland food (candida diet followers can relate to that), well when a vegan cookie comes out using egg replacer you go for it and can get carried away. I ate 4 to 5 vegan cookies a day for about a year. Anyhow being a vegan is a good thing, if you think of looking at the eyes of any animal that is going to be killed for it’s meat, and tell me you honestly think they don’t feel fear. That fear isn’t necessary for them to feel if you be healthier without the eating of meat. It’s a personal path, but now that you understand it you can relate to how hard it is to find foods to eat.

Just because I asked the question, doesn’t mean I’m eating my pasta. I was just curious as when I was, as I said in the post, looking through all the grains and millet, and buckwheat and noticed they all had the same carbs and I thought I had read carbs was the issue with grains, but I guess I read wrong. Anyhow thanks for making things clear, Able and Raster, as I’ll just eat a lot of buckwheat groats during the day until these darn symptoms go away.

I’ve got to the point the detox is gone, which was a bummer. Now it’s just some nagging little rashes and pimples I’m getting that’s annoying me right now, but I’ll get through it. This forum has helped me get my memory back, as it was getting terrible when the infestation was at it’s peak. As I said before, when you don’t eat meat, your feeling pretty good all the time so your pretty healthy, except for the infestation. My naturopath checked my blood for heavy metals, ( a 130.00 urine test) and a yeast test, which was done with stool, cost 30.00, and it was of course high, but the symptoms are telling me I’m doing better every day. The pasta was a hard food item for me to quit, as seemed hard to replace with anything that had a heavy substance to it as I don’t want to loose any more weight, because being a vegan your fairly lean anyhow unless you have a sugar problem. 99% of all vegans don’t drink or smoke so their lifestyles are generally pretty good, and their health therefore good also except for the infestation.

Another thing I found out about buckwheat, is it comes roasted also and more expensive because of the roasting, but don’t know if anybody thinks the taste is worth it.