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CandidGut;46770 wrote: I am about 5 weeks into my treatment with various anti-fungals including SF722, Caprylic acid, coconut oil, and probiotics. I am still having die-off but I’m realizing a lot of these symptoms are also from leaky gut. I have started taking L-Glutamine, Zinc, and slippery elm in order to help with the leaky gut. Is this reasonable to start now or do I need to wait until there is no more die-off?

raster;46772 wrote: Go ahead and start now. I’d also try to take something anti-inflammatory such as fermented cod liver oil.

Leaky gut is caused by chronic inflammation of the gut. -raster

When a Candida overgrowth is present in the intestines, leaky gut is caused by the Candida themselves.

When the Candida reaches a fungal state, it produces long, root-like structures which are called rhizoids. The rhizoids or roots literally penetrate your intestinal walls leaving microscopic holes. Undigested food particles are able to enter the bloodstream through these tiny cavities in the intestines, and this is when you feel the consequences of a leaky gut.

From the description above you should see that, as long as the Candida are in your intestines in their fungal form, they will continue to produce these ‘root-like’ structures which will continue to penetrate your intestines. You can go ahead and take any anti-inflammatory supplement you want to use to help with the discomfort, but don’t expect healing to actually take place until the population of the Candida has be reduced by a large degree and have they’ve returned to their non-fungal form of yeast.