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Thanks, LilDonnie! You are the only one here who doesn’t stumble over his own toes in an effort to shoot the messenger.

Your link lists 51 vaccines. Only four of them contain thiomersal (which is called thimerosal in the USA), and five more contain thiomersal only in specific variants of the vaccine.

I think it’s unfortunate that only the ingredients are listed, without any indication of the amount of these ingredients that actually enters our body during vaccination. Do you have any information about that?

Thiomersal is still in the process of being removed from vaccines. That’s not because it’s dangerous – it is not – but because fear mongers created so much fearful feelings that people actually started to avoid vaccinations, which resulted in several deaths. The first course of action was of course to spread the full information, but fear is too infectuous. However unjustified, too many people were still avoiding vaccinations.

In order to support public health, vaccine producers started voluntarily to look for alternatives to thiomersal.

Since roughly the year 2000, ever fewer vaccines contain thiomersal.

Unfortunately, fear-mongering continues. There are still stories being circulated about thiomersal causing autism and stuff like that.

In reality, we now see two things happening since about 2000:
– The number of vaccines containing thiomersal steadily decreases.
– The number of children suffering from autism steadily increases.

No-one seems to realize that if there would be a link between thiomersal and autism, this simple observation would be a strong indicator that we should add more thiomersal to vaccines…

Of course, in reality there is no link between thiomersal and autism, and the rise of autism must be attributed to different causes.