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supaneko wrote: Is kefir actually safe for me to be consuming? I *LOVE* the stuff but the sugars from the milk were always a concern for me.

I’ll put it this way; never did I see such a huge change for the better in my own infestation than when I added kefir and rutabaga to my regimen. When the kefir is fermented correctly there’s little to no lactose sugar left in the end product. You should make it yourself instead of purchasing pre-bottled.

A note about rutabaga: Don’t eat this during the cleanse, and if you decide to eat it on the diet, start with about three bites and increase the amount by two bites every day until you reach the amount you want. This alone caused the worst die-off experience during my entire treatment.

Also, in an unrelated note, thank you for your recommendation about ghee a few weeks back. I failed at making some but found it for cheap at my local good foods store and love the stuff. 🙂

You’re welcome; glad you’re finding it so delightful.