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approximately_me;40225 wrote: I’m wondering if someone could get a few questions cleared up for me surrounding S Boulardii.

1. Can this route be tried by anyone at any stage in their diet (I’m two months in with a heavy infestation)?

1- Yes, at any time but respect the diet.

2. Should all antifungals be stopped when taking S Boulardii or just the antibiotic ones (ie. garlic)?

2- Yes, you must stop them.

3. Should a person keep drinking kefir?

3- I see no problem with Kefir and S. Boulardii but don’t over do it.

4. If NAC helps fight candida would it hinder the S Boulardii as well? Should a person not take NAC when taking S Boulardii?

4- NAC should be not a problem.

5. What about Alpha Lipoic Acid?

5- ALA should be not a problem.

6. Should S Boulardii be taken at different times of the day than a person’s regular probiotics?

6- If you wish.

7. If a person is aiming for a high billion count with their regular probiotics (i.e 200 billion), should they keep that number the same if they are also taking S Boulardii or should they lower that number?

7- Test it to see if you notice any reaction.

8. As for the enemas, is 3 per week ideal or is this the minimum? Would 1 per day be better?

8- 3 per week should be enough.

9.. Also, I was thinking about going with the RenewLife BoulardiiMax 10 billion count (link below). Does this seem like a good one to go with?

9- Yes, any of them could be good.