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andrewmezzo;54175 wrote: Is there a strict rule on antifungals when I’m taking S.Boulardii? I’ve been on S.Boulardii, the candida diet, and digestive enzyemes for a good month now and I am seeing major improvement, but I still have major bloating, and gas causing respiratory problems. I heard antifungals effect the S.Boulardii by killing it but is that just certain antifungals that kill sb or do ALL antifungals have a negative impact. I know that S.Boulardii releases capric acid, so am I allowed to have coconut oil with my meals? Would that help?

S. Boulardii is a YEAST. Don’t take antifungals. S. Boulardii is antifungal against candida species. Yeast against yeast.