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klips32;49730 wrote: Why are you considering taking ketoconazole in stead of fluconazole?
Ketoconazole is one of the older systemic drugs, and as Jorge mentions, has a higher toxic effect on your liver.

Well I can get Ketoconazole more quickly than fluconazole but you’re completely right.

I just ordered some fluconazole today after doing some more research.

Since the Ketoconazole will be here before the fluconazole. I wonder if there is any harm in using the Ketoconazole at 200 mg per day for a week and then switching over to the fluconazole once they arrive.

They are both from the azole family.

I wish I could private message dvjorge about this.

I don’t want to risk developing candida resistant strains. I doubt that would happen though.