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Smitty99;44542 wrote: Has anybody on this forum had negative reactions to rutabaga?

Any negative reaction received from rutabaga is going to be sickness from the die-off toxins. The sickest I was during my entire treatment was the night following the first time I ate rutabaga on the diet. There was no one to tell me just how strong an antifungal it was, and at the time, I was wondering if I’d live through the night considering how sick it made me.
I might add that I ate rutabaga throughout my treatment, so much of it in fact that I’m still burned out on it and haven’t tasted it since I stopped the diet. At this point I’ve been completely symptom-free for two years.

And is the info online of them possibly feeding candida just plain wrong?

Do you have any idea just how wrong most of the information on the Internet is?