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I’m taking 2-3/day. I’had major die off before you sent me the protocol, but now I’ve slowed down a great deal and I’m doing better. If I have a reaction to something it’s either in my stomach, (and it happens fast) or my muscles. I tried organic chicken and turkey from Whole Foods (no more than 2x/wk combined) and I felt horrible for several days. So I’m basically on leafy greens and veggies with an occasional egg and egg plant for protein. I also use hemp seeds in my cauliflower soup and that helps. I’m pretty wasted though.

Able I’m also confused about kombucha. I love kombucha and used to drink it regularly and in browsing on the forum I noticed that some are saying kombucha is allowed, but the alcohol rips my stomach up. Am I reading the info on kombucha wrong?

Thanks again!