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Hello, Hilary.

Also, when you say allergic…do you mean it’s feeding the candida or I’m allergic like I am to gluten?

Allergic reactions and feeding the Candida have two completely separate meanings. I’m talking about a type of allergic reaction, or perhaps it’s just too strong for your digestion.

I’m trying to distinguish my symptoms from die off and candida. I’ve got Betaine and I take it 3 times/day along with caraway seeds and my digestive enzymes.

What type of digestive enzymes?

That seems to have settled the bloating and IBS pain down a great deal, but I can’t go to the bathroom without an enema at all! I’ve been to ER on more than one occassion with a distended belly due to impaction, so this is nothing new for me, but I was hoping as time goes on this will improve. Does it for most people

Yes it does, normally speaking this improves quite a bit after the cleanse is completed. Sometimes it’s even replaced by diarrhea. I assume you’ve tried everything on the “Constipation Remedies” post without success?

Able I’m also confused about kombucha. I love kombucha and used to drink it regularly and in browsing on the forum I noticed that some are saying kombucha is allowed, but the alcohol rips my stomach up. Am I reading the info on kombucha wrong?

Are you using commercial kombucha or making it yourself? It should be alright on the diet if you make it yourself if it’s fermented correctly. I’ve never tried it myself, so I can’t base this on experience but only going by the way it’s normally made. However, some commercial brands are known to contain up to 3% alcohol. If it bothers you too much, I just wouldn’t drink it. It isn’t really part of the treatment, but only acceptable if preferred.