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raster wrote: I think its pretty important, however I have difficulty implementing the rotation idea also. I guess the main thing I rotate now is buckwheat/oat bran in the morning (every other day and switch between the two) and buckwheat/black rice/red rice for dinner. I also rotate between chicken and lamb for dinner. Thats about as good as I can do it!

My constant food items I eat daily (don’t rotate):
1)Greek yogurt and kefir +15 blueberries
3)Pumpkin pie muffin bread
4)Teff/buckwheat/coconut bread
5)Rice cakes and almond butter (phase 2 item)

Green apple 1-2x per week
Potato 2x per week (phase 2 item)

Hope this helps Thomas!

I recommend getting some of those supplements mentioned to heal the leaky gut. I would consider cinnamon pearls for this. Also digestive enzymes are supposedly effective for healing the gut as well!

As far as rotating antifungals; I sorta have stopped this. I used to take oregano oil and grapefruit seed extract but I don’t really need them anymore it seems like (I am feeling really good). I take garlic capsules for a few weeks and then stop for a few weeks and then take it again. I always take the SF722 every single day.

One thing you should consider Thomas is to take a certain antifungal for 4-6 weeks. Then start/try another antifungal for the same amount of time, and then go back to the first or even a new antifungal. I wouldn’t do more than 3 different types plus the SF722.


Hi Raster,

thank you for your post.

Which of the supplements for healing a leaky gut you advice me to take and which work together with our protocol? You wrote about cinnamon pearls are there more we can take in phase 1 in our diet?

thank you