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joe;58025 wrote: There seems to be some confusion and some contradiction on this topic. I read and followed Lisa Richards plan on taking anti fungals and just as important as WHAT you take, is WHEN you take them in the course of your treatment. Too early in the beginning can cause to much die off. To close to the probiotics can also cause issues.
I understand the “carper bomb” approach because it works.
Take as many different varieties as you can at low dose and ramp it up accordingly going forward.
There are over 20 different effective, easy to find anti fungals you can take. Many are used together in liquid form and inexpensive. In my case I started just like Lisa directed in the guide and from the time I started the anti fungal phase of the plan continued to take about 15 different forms of anti fungals together an hour or more after the strong probiotic supplements. I’m on day 72 and haven’t experienced a die-off since around day 20 and have been able to sneak in a few foods that where previously off the menu with out issue. I hope this helps clear the confusion and I’m not sure where “rotating” your anti fungals started but it isnt part of the recommended candida diet on this site.

The thing is not everyone here follows the lisa richards plan…