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DaughterNature;47144 wrote: Able and other experts,

I am on my 9th day of biotin and only took thyme essential oil for 4 days. I will start the SF722 on August 8th. Do you think that even though I’m not taking any other anti-fungals (oregano oil, thyme oil) during this stage I will still be able to kill off a lot of the Candida? Of course, I am also taking daily regimens such as coconut oil, Brussels sprouts, and rutabaga.

Thank you.

Biotin ??

If I were you, I wont take biotin. The web is full of myths and invents about what is good or bad to treat this syndrome. Biotin is vital for candida to growth a developed cell. There are websites telling that Biotin impedes candida albicans morphogenesis, but I would like to see one study mentioning it. I have accumulated more than 300 medical papers about candida during the last 5 years but never have read one confirming the role of Biotin stopping the morphogenesis. If you have one study, post it, please. I can not find information about it. However, I have read several papers staying how candida cells need biotin to growth.