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Able900;25164 wrote: My personal experience:

By rotating the antifungals, I discovered which ones caused the worse die-off experience. The oil of oregano and virgin coconut oil were by far the worse for me; therefore, after the rotation was completed I went directly back to the oil of oregano and coconut oil. I discovered that when rotating these, the die-off would return with full force making me ill for up to 24 hours each time I restarted either of the two. The same thing happened each time I tried to eat rutabaga. My conclusion was that I should concentrate on these three antifungals. Eventually I continued coconut oil on a daily basis and used the oil of oregano at two-week intervals and eating rutabaga occasionally.

Obviously, something worked for me; I can say for certainty that these antifungals did not hinder my progress in any way, and considering the intense die-off symptoms that continued to return for a long period of time with these, I can only conclude that they were destroying the Candida.