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ThomasJoel2;55445 wrote: An elimination diet may be helpful here. Check out nour’s “Living in the Middle East” thread. The advice given there on how to do an elimination diet should be relevant for you.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I looked at the thread. Are you suggesting the following?:

Day 1-4 just vegetables
Day 4-7 chicken and vegetables
Then every 3-4 days:
Add in kefir?
Start adding in the veggies that I left out, like tomatoes and red/yellow bell peppers
Then eggs?
Then coconut flour
Then maybe oat bran
Coconut milk?

That sorta thing? How healthy is it to be restricting food to that extreme? Also, I can ‘add chicken’ but that will be adding in other ingredients, such as olive oil, certain herbs, etc. It still makes things difficult to pin point. Add then coconut flour…you are going to want to eat it with something, so then you need to add 2 foods at once. This is quite overwhelming.