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Tinnitus is a strange beast. Do not attempt to do anything to get rid of it. It does what it wants. Does it change at all? Louder quieter? Different sounds? Tones? One ear or both? This will sound strange but plug your ears and clench your teeth together hard (without causing damage). Now stretch your neck in different directions, ALWAYS starting from center. Do any of these change the sound? Create a new sound? Do not panic, that is the single worst thing you can do. 6 weeks is a fairly short amount of time to have tinnitus. I had it 3 times (3rd time it stuck, 8 months and counting) 1st time it slowly faded away over a couple months, and the second time it dissapeared instantaneously after 11 weeks, right after I said to myself “fuck it, my ears ring, I’m getting some sleep”. So basically if your brain isn’t involved (if you can alter it in anyway with jaw/neck/eye movements (which I can) than it’s all but your brain is involved and my advice in this point (sorry it’s harsh but it’s the only way…) is to just get use to it. You’ll of course refuse to accept this or believe it’s possible and that’s ok, it’ll happen eventually whether you think you will or not. But you can speed up the process and increase your chance of it going away by not focusing on it. I can now sit in a totally silent room and not hear it, unless I purposely think about it. Avoid excessive noise. The thing I did differently the third time is I panicked, I didn’t do that the first two times so… Yeah. Long story short, I’ll save you the research. Tinnitus has a laundry list of causes. Larger than the list of food you are not allowed to eat on the candida diet,lol. (which IMO is unhealthy and you should follow your nutritionists advice) and no one knows nothing about it currently. Theres an assload of snake oil treatments for it, but all they will do is rob you of your cash. Go see your GP to rule out an acoustic neuroma, which is a cancer on the auditory pathway. This usually has a heartbeat sound in ear with ringing and even with those two is still very rare. One more question? Do you gets dizzy spells? Bouts of vertigo? Stand straight up. Put hands in air. Hold 10 seconds. Quickly bend over and touch toes. Hold position for 10 seconds. Stand up straight. Did you get dizzy enough you had to hold on to something to keep you up? If yes, is the ringing a lower tone? If yes to both of these you may have menieres disease. But again, unlikely. So. If it’s just the same tone, all the time (maybe briefly changing sounds, but than back to normal sound) there’s still a god chance it’ll go away on it’s own. But yeah, it’ll pretty much do whatever it wants and your mental reaction is the only thing more often than not, that has any sort of effect on it. Alot of people report alcohol making it louder or quieter, along with some anti depressants like Xanax. If you are in a panic I’d ask for them. Doctors can’t pressing Xanax or benzos for tinnitus so you’ll have to hey it for anxiety panic. By the way if you can alter the sound in anyway with jaw movements or clenching, or any neck movements it’s called somatic tinnitus. It’s rare for this to go away or be cured. Not impossible but very..very unlikely. Sorry. ALL forms of tinnitus are prone to sudden loud bursts of ringing. Where in the ringing will suddenly spike 1000% and the slowly over a few seconds to a few minutes will fade back down to normal. So if this happens don’t worry about it. It’s virtually the only thing in common with everyone with tinnitus. Point of story, try not to give it your time and when you do hear it try and ignore or not focus on it. You will eventually grow weary of listening for it over time and will naturally stop looking or caring about it, this is the only thing I can fir sure guarantee. Again, if your sound is always the same with the 2 exceptions of the odd complete temporary sound change or the sudden spikes in loudness that fade back down over a dew minutes, there’s still a good chance it’ll go away. And for the love if god, stop sticking your fingers in your ears, lol. Well… Don’t do it more than a couple times a day for a litle whe to see if there are any changes, but generally, the less attention you give it the better.