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mygutleaks;35383 wrote: i can tell it’s out of the intestines based on when i get a reaction from the nystatin. also, i’ve stopped getting a reaction from the nystatin, but can still feel some candida left in me. hmm.. also you get to a point where you can just tell. when i first started the nystatin, i had a lot of trouble sleeping, my legs were very heavy, i was rashy.

Jorge, according to what I’ve read about S Boulardii, it does survive stomach acid very well. I just brewed some Kombucha, which contains S Boulardii. Figured i’d see if it gives me the same reaction as pill form S Boulardii. It was as easy as water kefir to make. Got a slight headache after drinking. I’m going to go slow and maybe have a few sips per day. Perhaps you could do an enema with kombucha.

You mention you’re eating normal. But don’t you have a leaky gut from all of the candida? What about a transition diet – from a candida diet w/ no sugar, to perhaps the GAPS diet with a limited amount of low glycemic fruit (green apples, grapefruit, berries) – maybe for six months to a year. Heal your gut. Then eventually add in soaked grains and more inflammatory foods. There are many variations – an anti-inflammatory diet, a hypothyroidism diet, FODMAPS, Specific Carbohydrate diet, GAPS, etc. Just a thought.

Also, I’m certain the pain I felt from the Nystatin enema was not in my colon. My colon felt fine. It was my liver and kidneys. They would ache just like they did if i took too much nystatin without molybdenum. Even just a few weeks ago, i tried it again, after my white tongue is almost gone, feeling no die-off.. and still, just a couple tablets worth direct in to the colon, made them hurt the next few days. you never felt this?


This thread is very interesting. I really wish we had more alternative ideas floating around this forum more like this thread. MGL, after reading some of dvjorge’s previous posts about his success with Nystatin enemas, I decided to give it a try. I only did it once, but I also felt the same pain you are referring to in the Kidney liver area later that night. It never occurred to me to think that it was die off, I just got a little worried about the pain from that area.

Since I don’t recall your history on this forum, what success have you had with the GAPS diet if any? Also, how long did you try the Candida diet for? Since you have the user name, “My gut Leaks” I would imagine you have some reason to be quite sure you have leaky gut. How can you be so sure you have it and is there anything we can do to confirm we have leaky gut?