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Hey MGL,

Sorry for that late reply, I was one of the unlucky ones without power for a few days so it was crazy for a while.

Thanks for all of the details. We all have some of these crazy stories. I took a pharmaceutical drug for a number of years that caused my overgrowth.

I was in a panic for months and months trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I had a scan done of my gall bladder and liver. The test did came back abnormal. It stated something was in my gallbladder that was causing problems. The size was well under the size where they would recommend removing it.

Anyway so when I finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together my symptoms aligned with Candida. I tried the diet about a year and half ago and found it so difficult that I quit. I kept telling myself I don’t even know if it is Candida.

As time went on I still thought about how I know something is wrong with me nearly every day. My symptoms were becoming worse, so I started the diet again in December and I had some improvements. Then I became more focused. Now that I think back to the scan of my lower intestines, I’m thinking I probably have a large infestation in my gall bladder. That would explain the pain I felt after the 1 time Enema I did with Nystatin.

Why not do Nystatin Retention Enemas and followed by a Molybdenum Retention Enema? That way we can get the Moly right to the organs to keep them safe. If these organs are infested it seems like taking strong anti-fungals orally may be too diluted by the time they actually get all the way to their most important destination.

How common is it to have an infestation in your organs anyway?