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LeilaP;36785 wrote: Dvjorge, doesnt high dosage of SB make you constipated? Its a common side effect of SB and it affects me unfortunately, so I am not sure whether I should increse my dosage (I am currently on 20 bil + normal probiotics 48 bil a day + kefir + sauerkraut). Also , you are saying that you cant take SB with antifungals. What about food with anti-fungal properties, like brocolli, rutabaga and garlic? Please keep us posted about your enemas. I am very intrested whether it’s going to work.

It isn’t going to work, enemas, in my case, has worked better than nothing, specially the Nystatin retention enemas. IMO, a severe CRC case goes to nowhere without retention enemas with an antifungal that hasn’t bactericidal properties.

I think broccoli and rutabaga aren’t concern but garlic is. Don’t use garlic. Garlic shouldn’t be used by people suffering this syndrome, at least long term. Any natural product that kills bacteria should be totally avoided at some point of the treatment. The ideal situation isn’t to use any of them but only antifungals.
I know this is hard for many people because they need to go the Rx route.

Keep in mind that Garlic may be stronger than many first generation antibiotics. The same thing happens with Oil of Oregano, GSE, and many others.