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hi Kodaz,

There are more threads like this one over at the Curezone forum. If you read through the old posts there, going back several years, sometimes up to 8 years, you will learn a ton about what people have tried and what has worked.

Here is my history – I have probably had candida for about 20 years. I took a lot of antibiotics, first as a child for strep and then as a teenager for constant sinus infections. Around age 13 I developed bad skin which never went away until I stopped eating gluten, milk and some other foods. Now that I look back, I was always quite lethargic too. Was sick a lot with colds. And I think going off to college and drinking beer probably increased some of my lethargy and brain fog. But that was the extent of my candidiasis. Once I stopped eating the foods, my sinus infections rarely came back. Over time though, my food allergies got worse and I started to react to more and more foods. I wanted a way to cure my allergies so I could eat normally again, so I saw several allergists and finally one, an MD doctor (go figure), told me I had an overgrowth of candida. And then confirmed it with a CDSA 2.0 stool test. He put me on six months of nystatin tablets, 3 per day. I also added in betaine hcl. I could now eat most vegetables again without reacting. I’ve been doing the candida diet, mixed in with GAPS, for about six months now. At first I was strict with it for about a month. The nystatin worked great, it seemed to clear all of my upper intestine candida. I had reactions such as intense itching in certain areas, a biting feeling on random parts of my skin, heavy legs, crawling on my scalp, trouble sleeping unless i took molybdenum. If i woke up in the middle of the night, i would pop a moly and that would usually allow me to sleep again. About a month in to the diet, I had been reading a lot on GAPS and SCD and decided to add in fruit. I had lost a lot of weight and was looking like death. And people were telling me i looked bad, plus the wife was on my case. I didn’t really have any negative reactions from the fruit, so it was hard to tell that it was feeding my candida. And it really helped me put weight back on – i gained like 10 lbs in two weeks and looked much better. However, about 3 months in, my organs started to hurt – probably because i was killing off and then feeding it. In addition to the Nystatin, I was also taking SF722 at times. Sometimes coconut oil. Eating lots of avocadoes. Plus I tried the Nystatin enema. Early on I had also used black walnut hull w/ wormwood and cloves, to kill off any parasites. I do seem to be grinding my teeth less, so perhaps i did have them, even though my CDSA said i did not – they are usually not accurrate or so i’ve read from others’ experiences.

I’ve never been tested for Leaky Gut, although there are intestinal permeability tests you can do. The way I interpret Leaky Gut – it is the disease and candida is one of the causes. If you have fungal candida, you have a leaky gut. And you may also have parasites, heavy metal toxicity, SIBO, gerd, h pylori, low stomach acid, liver issues, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune diseases. From my reading, it sounds to me like most autoimmune diseases are in fact caused by a Leaky Gut. I can just tell i have it because when i eat certain foods, two days later i will break out. However, if i stay away from them, my face is 100% clear. it seems that if i avoid inflammation in the gut, i do not break out. and it looks like that is the key to ultimately healing the gut barrier, once the candida is gone.

To answer your question – I haven’t really been strict with the candida diet for more than a month at one time. However, during that month, I was very strict and did not cheat at all. From Jan 1 to say Feb 5, I was very strict and only ate veggies and meat and didn’t cheat once. Then i got cravings for fruit and gave in. At first it was a melon and blueberries, then the next day I tried a granny smith apple and some blueberries, then the next day a white grapefruit and blueberries. I noticed a bit more itching on all of the days. However, my tongue either looked a bit better or looked the same. It is almost totally clear, with just a very slight white coating in the back. it’s almost not even white. i can also brush it off 100% – something i couldn’t do for at least 3 months. but it does come back to a tiny bit of coating about 3 hours later. so i know i’ve made a lot of progress getting rid of the pathogens. but i still feel something in my colon. it’s almost like a crawling sensation once in a while. the good news was when i did the nystatin enema the last time, i got out a lot less white gunk. so that would indicate my active infection has lessened.

Perhaps the answer is simple – just continuing on a strict diet for a longer period of time and taking some, but not too many, antifungals. And hoping it eventually kills off whatever is in the colon. Or, maybe I need to do what dvjorge did and do enemas very frequently – however my body just doesn’t feel good after that, and so i’m going to try the first approach first. Also I am pounding the kefir cultures. I’m growing enough so that I can eat them. I can’t yet tell if that is working. The idea is from an herbalist who used to post on Curezone, until he got in too many arguments and got kicked off.. i think over liver flushing.. he says it is fake. anyways.. his argument is that if you change the pH of the gut back to acidic, by repopulating with lactic acid producing bacteria (both with pro and prebiotics), you disable the gene that allows candida to mutute to a pathenogenic form. However, he doesn’t think that diet is too important and from my experience diet is very important. So now we’re back to the whole idea of the Candida diet website – diet, antifungals and eat kefir. It seemed to work for Able, Raster and most of the people who actually stuck with it long enough, so why reinvent the process.. or at least give it a six month try first.. and then see if further action is necessary. now if i could only take my own suggestion…