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dvjorge;36845 wrote: They colonize but they don’t last. After 18 days of stopping supplementation they can be detectable, even after 60 days, but not after 90 days.
I don’t post garbage.

Well, first, Jorge, no one has accused you of posting garbage as far as I can tell.

There are a lot of variable possibilities in this research that you’ve explained.
For example, whether obtained from probiotic sources or any other source, no matter what one does, the bacteria are going to eventually die out if they are not fed properly. As I’ve explained before, bacteria are living creatures and cannot survive without the “proper” foods given every day. In fact, I would dare to say that, with the exception of antibiotics, all immune problems stem from a lack of proper prebiotics being ingested by the host on a daily basis.

Do we know what the test subjects were eating on a daily basis? Was this information recorded for every single test subject for 90 days?

The other problem is, 90 days isn’t nearly enough time to create enough flora to reestablish their existence in the intestines and colonize, and this is especially true if they’re not being fed properly.

How do you purpose that one reestablishes the flora so that they will colonize in the intestines? If you’re thinking about fecal implants, this would be the same principle as the probiotics. They wouldn’t survive if they were not fed properly unless the implants continued indefinitely.

This is all simple logic as far as I’m concerned. If you buy a puppy and take him home, it doesn’t matter where he originally came from or how expensive he was, if you fail to nourish him in the proper way, he’s not going to survive. Logic.

I won’t continue arguing about it or any other topic.

It’s strange how you always consider any opinion which is in opposition to your own an argument when most of us see it as a debate.
This is a forum, afterall. The only ‘arguments’ I remember between us are the ones in which you would eventually start calling me names because I wouldn’t agree with you. By the way, the fact that you have ceased doing that has not gone unoticed by me; and I appreciate
that, Jorge.