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I guess coffee is somewhat controversial. As far as the mold goes it has not giving any mold sensitivity issues. I know coffee can stimulate the liver but not heard of it damaging the liver. I know a lot of coffee drinkers that don’t have any liver issues. Probably depends on the roast as well. Dark roast which is more bitter might stimulate the liver more. I definitely hear of coffee causing people to urinate more, but for me that has not been a issue. I’ve done a cup of light roasted here and there and seems to be inhibiting the candida very well. I just thought it was interesting that some studies have shown coffee to have anti-microbial properties. Whats interesting is the few coffee drinkers that I do know seem to never get sick. I guess moderation with everything is the key.

Chamomile is known more for its calming, soothing, mild sedative properties rather than promoting energy. Dried herbs can also contain molds depending on how they have been prepared.

Chicory makes me very bloated. Chicory is very high in FOS which can cause bloating for some. Although, chicory is a good alternative and for people that don’t have strong dysbiosis FOS can be of benefit for the flora.

I know the green coffee bean extract has been getting some attention lately. If I recall correctly it was on the Dr. OZ show not to long ago?

I was just curious if anyone has noticed Decaf Coffee to inhibit their candida.