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jameskep;35739 wrote: Came across an interesting study with chlorogenic acid and some of its anti-fungal properties. Coffee has a good amount of this chemical in it. I know some candida plans don’t recommend coffee because of its potential to raise blood sugar and cause adrenal issues. But it seems like decaf coffee would not present these issues(to much less extreme). The studies I’ve seen link caffeine to raising blood glucose. I’ve been drinking decaf coffee for 2 weeks and seems to be doing much more good than harm. I know i can’t do caffeinated coffee cause my system can’t handle it.

Study on chlorogenic acid:×0219.pdf

A post on decaf coffee:

interesting to hear from people with their experience with “Decaf” coffee.

James, Why not try Chicory Coffee? I have been drinking this for a couple of months now and I have really come to like it. There are numerous studies done that suggest that Chicory is very beneficial for the gall bladder, liver and can help with leaky gut as well. Have you given the Chicory a try?