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raster;46546 wrote: I’d start including other things than greens into your diet such as pumpkin, beans, etc (more starches). You’ve been on the diet for a long time. Eat some of the breads if you can.

I would also consider eating salads…there are safe salad dressings out there.


Thanks Raster but for the majority of the diet i wasn’t taking antifungals and around a month ago i went of the rails and my leaky gut syptoms came back but i will definately push forward with the different flours and make bread that is something that is top of my list.

I’m on boulardii now and after teething problems i’m tolerating it well after separating the dose from my probiotic, taking them together was the issue it seems.

I’m also getting NOW organic stevia and coconut milk, part of the problem is that i have neglected to add a test food every two weeks but i’m getting it all ready and putting aside so its here for me and i can just pick it up no bother and use it.