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Thanks Javizy,
Lots to think about. I’m not one for counting food data, but I am an athlete and am used to being aware of how to fuel my body. Right now I’m eating about 30g of carbs in Millet in the morning and then another serving of buckwheat or Quinoa at lunch or dinner. I don’t know how many carbs I’m getting from the salads etc. So are you thinking RLS could be from lack of carbs? or just the fatigue? I don’t shy away from fat and seem to have gone through a jar of coconut oil in little over a week (!). And I’m always eating avocado and almonds. I’ve been working on getting 75 grams of protein a day but thought too much was causing constipation. I swim, run, bike and do yoga. These days I’m only doing what I feel up to (which is a small fraction of what I used to do) and canceled all my events so I can get better before I start really training again.

It used to be that hard training really helped my brain fog and fatigue but this year I have nothing in me to train hard along with chronic injuries. It was strongly suggested by a Dr. of nutrition and another holistic health practitioner that I have candida and that’s the cause of the fatigue.

At this point I’m not sure of anything.