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Like I said, the gut is inflamed and this can cause inflammatory conditions within the body. After a period of months on the diet, your gut should be way less inflamed and your symptoms should reduce. Anti-inflammatory foods specifically can aid in this; examples include broccoli, salmon, blueberries, pumpkin, veggies, etc.

When you go through die-off, way more toxins are released within the body from the dead candida and parasites. If your liver/kdineys becomes too taxed, you will feel stronger die-off symptoms and you’ll detox in other ways such as via the skin or via the lungs. Everyone is different in how they detox (which method) but it all depends on the condition of our bodies and its ability to cope with stress. As you reduce the stress on the body (kill the candida and less toxins) and heals the organs…the body will be able to handle it in a more natural manner.