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I am new to all this. I thought a year ago that I could have Candida but I ignored it and went to my family dr, ob/gyn, & final visited an endocrinologist. All either said all my testing was normal or they didn’t have an answer to my symptoms. I did not ask about Candida to them. I only presented my symptoms, fatigue, moodiness, hair loss, in ability to lose weight, hunger, constipation, constant itchy scalp & skin. All of my issues were dismissed with you’re a mom (except the skin which was labeled as my life long issue with eczema). After all this I can only believe that my issue is Candida. I think that this began 2 1/2 years ago after my 3rd child. Please send me the strict diet, I have a family that I want to be normal for again! Thank you for all the info you have posted on this site!