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nikki;38996 wrote:

This is the challenge here. How to eliminate the yeast living inside the cells that form the intestinal barrier ??


Hi dvjorge,

Does Diflucan/Flucanzole kill the candida living inside the intestinal barrier cells?


Long term systemic drugs are the way to do it. I can not say that people will always be successful with Fluconazole. As I have said, this is the weak part of the anticandida treatments. Fluconazole is fungistatic and there are yeast species intrinsically resistant to it. There are also candida albicans strains that develop resistant to it. For sure, there are many that will resolve the intracellular infection with long term Diflucan, but other people wont be that lucky. For instance, Candida Glabrata is in the second order regarding to the infectious rate. Candida Glabrata isn’t a polymorphic yeast but can penetrates and invade the cells. C. Glabrata is intrinsically resistant to Diflucan. If this is your case, Fluconazole won’t touch it.

Intrinsically resistance can not be solved by combining antifungals. It must be another type of antifungal. However, acquired resistance can be overcome combining synergistic antifungals.

As you see, there is nothing for sure with it. The ideal thing is to have a lab that culture the infection and provides a sensitivity charter. Then, you need an effective fungicidal antifungal or go long term with an effective fungistatic until the infection disappears.