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Nah, I also acknowledge that my food obsession is part of what got me here and the only way to stay out is to stay away from the garbage for life (obviously, as Able says, with exceptions…just that junk should not be the rule, no sugar desserts every night and so on).

I would like to know from where your ignorant statement that junk food causes candida is coming from ??

Junk Food, neither the healthiest food in this world, is the cause of CRC. It isn’t the junk food you were eating what caused your infection. Learn the lesson!. This syndrome has different origins totally unrelated to the food you eat. Junk food increases the infection one time it is latent. This syndrome is Iatrogenic caused by the disruption of the antagonistic friendly flora or immunologic suppression totally unrelated to the diet.

This syndrome isn’t cured with any dietary change. It isn’t as easy as it. It is a complex syndrome where the immune system, intestinal flora, and the fungus are very implicated.

If my words aren’t enough, you will have time to learn it as I had it during the last 4 years.