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lmm;38972 wrote:

Ouch! Easy there …

Ok, I didn’t realize that, let me put it clear,

My main concerns here are

1. First, when a new person comes to the forum, they are being tricked in to thinking that they will be cured in few months to few years if they follow the protocol.
Where as in reality they are just helping them managing their symptoms.
(I dont have prob with the protocol, its helpful but just for managing symptoms)

2. Once they realize that the protocol isn’t curing them, they are being programmed into thinking that the problem is going to stay, and that they will have to lead their entire life with miserable diets.
Where as in reality its a completely curable condition, if the root cause it addressed.

The problems this is causing, people are wasting their initial days/months/years of treatment thinking that they will be cured, where as they are just wasting their time/money/life just to realize that they were just managing their symptoms….

If given exact info, they could have been looking into the root cause and start addressing it at this phase itself.

And, at the second point, by programming people into thinking that candida diet is a healthy life style (which actually lacks lots of healthy nutrition), they are virtually stopping people into looking into the root cause.

And the worst of all, because of this programming, I see many people here compromising their lives and making statements that they are ready to follow this miserable diets all through their life.
Even while having a chance to look into their root cause, address it, and live their life normally after wards.