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jameskep;49133 wrote: “Fungal” candida produces lipase to digest fats and to degrade fatty tissue. This enzyme along with its protease enzyme can cause irritation and inflammation to our tissues. They use these enzymes for their virulence and their decomposing of matter and tissue. If you take lipase with a meal it should help digest the fats instead of helping candida. You’ll have to play around with the dosage to see what amount you need to take with how much fat you eat at each meal. Taking some of those enzymes in excess can cause some irritation if you already have a gut that is inflamed. Depends on the individual.

Sf722 is a already broken down fat that does not require much of anything to be digested. Each capsule is only 50mg of undecenoic acid.

Lipase will be more beneficial for harder to digest fats…Long-chain fats/viscous fats etc….if it helps at all.

Bitters can help increase bile production which helps to breakdown fats. Some supplement with bile salts to help break down fats. Bile salts also have to be used with caution because excess bile salts can cause some irritation in the gut.

Hi James,
Thanks for your reply but I am a little confused,
If the candida produces lipase, and I have a candida over-growth, does that mean I have excess amounts of lipase in my system?
And if that is the case, how will taking more Lipase as a digestive enzyme help me?

As far as Protease, I know it helps me with any type of grain that I eat. the difference is day and night as far as bloating and tummy problems and it happens within less than 1 hour, so I know Protease is something I need until I get my candida in control (I take a Pure protease enzyme) …. but not sure about Lipase,

I have also received help from formulas that help with bile flow, so I am sure I need help there as well…

But Lipase is what I am not sure about… I have taken lipase supplements in the past, but have not seen any immidiate results as I do with Protease and Bile help supplements. .. So I am curious if that’s a supplement I should stop.

Any thoughts?