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sorry for coming back late, I have been offline for a few days…

about taking slippery elm: the package says to take it “as required”, and so I usually take 1-2 capsules 2-3 times a day. Depending on how much I feel I need it. If I haven’t had a bowel movement before 10 am I usually take 2 capsules then.

In my personal experience going too low on carbs is what stopped everything up for me. (I was never that constipated before the restricted diet). If I was able to squeeze something out it was those kinds of rabbit pebbles. I was able to get things going again by introducing more carbs (starches that I had no reactions to) and by making sure I ate enough in general. This could be just my personal problem on the diet but I was really not eating enough. And if there isn’t enough food, there will not be enough stuff to move through the colon. The point of increasing metabolism is also extremely crucial (as slow metabolism = slow transit time /constipation).

btw, eating lots of broccoli has always helped me. But I need to eat A LOT of it.

Other than that looking at your diet I wonder if eating so much protein and a lot of muscle meats (beef, chicken) might be making matters worse? You also eat a lot of yoghurt which is protein rich again. I remember reading on the gaps page that people with constipation should rather consume fattier dairy products than the ones with more protein; i.e. rather sour cream than yoghurt. I tried that: used more sour cream instead of yoghurt and it did help. Just throwing some ideas here that might be helpful.