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Did you use psyllium husk as part of the colon cleanse? I tried it once and got extremely constipated from it. I believe it caused me problems long after I first took it (it’s like it just hardened and stayed in the colon – yikes). And if you are already constipated I’m not sure redoing the cleanse will necessarily help. You will need enough something in your system to move stuff along. And if you are severely constipated swallowing lots of insoluble fiber may make things worse despite what people advice.

You could try taking slippery elm. At first I noticed no effect but now it’s helped me a lot. I’ve also heard that the Ayurvedic herb Triphala helps and is non habit forming (you won’t be dependent on using it). I am thinking of trying that next. Another thing I found helped was making sure I eat more fat. Instead of home made natural yoghurt I made sour cream with the same cultures and including that in my meals helped a lot. Or you could just have some coconut oil or olive oil with every meal. Another thing I find in regards to fiber is that if I take a little (max 2 tbsp) of flax seeds a day, it helps. Anything more than that and everything just stops – strange thing. Lots of raw vegetables (if they don’t irritate your system) and vegetable juices can help as well.