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CGMAN wrote: Raster one more question. Can i use the list in the constipation remedies link any time during the cleanse?

and one more thing i stay really hydrated everyday and drink bottle after bottle of purified water.

If you’re constipated, get off the cleanse. You need to speed your metabolism back up to get your bowels moving. Overhyrdrating will dilute electrolytes and is as bad as being dehydrated. You’ll end up with muscle cramps and ironically being dehydrated anyway, since you can’t hold water without electrolytes (not good for constipation). Speaking of which, you’ll need to be conscious of your salt intake now you’ve given up processed foods. Remember what you put on your food is all you’re getting.

flailingWcandi wrote: You might try using some soluble fiber (unlike psyllium husk which is unsoluble) to keep things moving as it dissolves quickly in beverages, etc.. Though, not sure what the forum thinks of using soluble fiber….

Soluble fibre is great and could also be called “prebiotic”. Vegetables are the best, most diverse source, and I’d personally go for those over fibre supplements.