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Hi Able900:
After speaking with my son, when the doctor ran bloodwork he said bacterial infection yet the stool sample showed high levels of yeast. No fever involved just sweating and shaking to the point sheets have to be changed. I have been doing some research since one of your previous posts and agree that the Florastor seems to only treat one strain. Perhaps something with multiple strain probiotic would be better. How about Critical Colon by Renew Life or Candidase? I also saw something called Symbion Probiotics. Anyone had any experience with any of this? Can the candida penetrate the intestine causing leaky gut which could be causing the bacterial infection? I wish there was a doctor nearby with experience in this kind of stuff.

As you can see, I don’t know whether to send him to a gastro specialist in case it might be something organ related or continue on the path of learning about this candida overthrow. I am leaning toward the latter since my son does not want to be a human guinea pig for the doctors.

All advice is appreciated.

Shirley Suchdolski