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Arabigal wrote: Able900:
The doctor told my son it was a yeast infection in the blood.

Ok, I see. What threw me off was your statement in the first post that he was, “diagnosed with a bacterial infection in his blood.” Candida is not a bacterial infection, but rather a fungal infestation. So knowing that it isn’t a bacterial infection in addition to Candida makes a huge difference. However, now I can’t understand why he was given an antibiotic. Even doctors should know that an antibiotic cannot kill Candida. So actually now I’m confused, and the fact that the vomiting stops after taking an antibiotic sounds like a bacterial infection.

Do you know the name of the antibiotic?

His probiotic, Florastor, contains a significant dosage of one probiotic, in other words, it contains just one strain of probiotic out of possibly dozens. Research has shown that patients receive better results when multiple strains are given, so he may want to ask his doctor why he recommended just one strain instead of a probiotic with multiple strains. I’m sure he’ll have a good answer because he’ll want to justify his advice. Florastor also contains lactose monohydrate which is potentially a food for the Candida.

If all of his trouble is stemming from a Candida infestation, then he definitely needs to be on the Candida diet, stage one. For at least several weeks he could try cutting out bread and all wheat products, all diary (eggs are not considered dairy), all sugar products, all canned foods (either frozen or fresh is fine), fruit, and any simple carbohydrates he may be having now.

Have him to check his toothpaste for sugar alcohols which feed Candida. Also, most table salts contain Dextrose which is glucose, which of course is a sugar capable of feeding the Candida. Pure sea salt, such as Celtic or Himalayan, is the purest form of salt with many life-sustaining minerals still intact, and they do not contain added ingredients.

If he does all of the above, he’ll probably experience more die-off symptoms, and there are products which can greatly reduce the symptoms of die-off. Molybdenum and Candidate from Native Remedies are two of the best.