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dvjorge wrote:

Im curios if anyone has. after getting their candida under control, seen over time, their sensitivity to gluten go away as well?


Are you sensitive to gluten ??
What kind of reaction do you experiment ??
Have you been tested for Celiac disease ??
Did you notice the gluten problem after the fungal overgrowth ??

The whole thing has been a kind of ugly blur. In the process of trying to feel better…. better then what I feel Candida had wrought. …… I have tried any number of things including Dr. D Adamo’s test for gluten insensitivity and how my blood type needs to steer clear of it….. Now having said that, I lost about 25 lbs on weight watchers living on pasta, sauce and chicken so who knows.
But that was years ago. I have also had … Oh my … sooo much antibiotics over the years and never ate yogurt until much later in life.

I don’t have what I might call your typical reaction to gluten per se ….and have never been tested. My neurological symptoms are pretty typical to people with Celiac …. but also people with Candida overgrowth as well so…..

In fact I have tried everything in the book with no resolution I feel because my digestion has been so trashed that I just don’t metabolize anything I take in, in the normal way. So honestly its very hard to tell.